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babies, babies and more babies

We have had babies on the brain! Lots of babies! We get asked a lot if we still do lifestyle photography and the answer is YES! While our primary focus is wedding photography we still LOVE photographing sweet new babies and families and everything in between! We have photographed so many lately we decided to combine this blog post with a handful of baby shoots that we have done the past month or so:)We have even more to share coming up too but I have been super Miss slacker on the blog front lately and I am sorry! Wedding season is upon us friends which means several things. (A) we have so many amazing pictures to share soon (B) we are out of control busy right now (C) we still love you and want to blog it all:)

Enjoy today friends.

The Bigham family is so super special to us! I have known Ashley since we were young and we have been photographing her family since we started in photography in 2010! Now they welcome a sweet baby girl to their lives and we couldn’t be more excited for them!

baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0040baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0041baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0042baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0043baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0044Big brother love! I love how T is checking out her toes and loving on his sister!baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0045I mean even sharing his sticker book! Thats a big deal guys!baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0046baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0047Now, peek-a-boo with Miss Lucy:)baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0048baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0049baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0050baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0051baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0052Presley’s room is so delicate and beautiful, a room fit for a princess!baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0053baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0054baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0055baby blog | smitten & hooked photography_0056Ashley is incredibly gorgeous, inside and out. So lucky to call them blog | smitten & hooked photography_0057Now sweet Baby Camden! We photographed his arrival into this world and got to visit him a little later to snap some newborn pictures. Not only that but we photographed his mommy & daddy’s wedding last March! Nothing like having your past couples use you for their babies and new life adventures, it is truly the most rewarding feeling ever!newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0001Look at this sweet face! newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0004newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0005newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0006newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0007newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0008newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0009Sweet baby girl Camryn arrived and guess what? Her sweet momma and daddy, Mandy & Eric were one of our couples in 2012!
newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0010newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0011Look at that smile!!!newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0012I loved how she held her little finger up to her lip to sleep. Those little things babies do you forget so fast and it all becomes a blur. The little things our girls did when they were babies I wish we would have documented more closely.newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0013newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0014newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0016newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0017Now welcome baby Maneko! Maria and Chris are good friends of ours! Maria is our super talented hair dresser from Knipt Salon. She is uber talented and if Steven trusts her with his beloved tresses she is the jam! ha. Chris is our super talented tattoo artist from Ace Tattoos. We are beyond thrilled for them welcoming their first baby into this world. newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0018newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0019That smile melts my heart!newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0020newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0021newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0022newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0023What baby doesn’t need some sweet new Van’s right?! newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0024This just so happened to be when he Mani started peeing all over his daddy:)newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0025newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0026newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0027newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0029Chris’ first baby newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0030newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0031newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0032newborn photography | smitten & hooked photography_0033Ya’ll we weren’t kidding BABIES ON THE BRAIN!! I have baby fever friends and this isn’t helping! See how cute these babies are!!!

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randall - You are so sweet Renee! We love you!! xo

Renee McNair-Austin - You should see our living room wall…..nothing but Smitten & Hooked photos. From engagement session to wedding photos to newborn photos. Next we will add family pics to it after our mini session this coming Sunday! There is no better photographer to capture the true essence of how our little family works! Thank you Steven & Lucy for capturing our lives perfectly!

Keri Broach - Lucy! Love the pictures you guys are doing Love the two pics with Maneko sticking his tongue out :)

stephanie & deanna {wedding | washington, dc}

We are so excited to share Stephanie and Deanna’s beautiful day! We met Stephanie and Deanna last year when Deanna was a bridesmaid in Stacy & Dan’s wedding here in Charlotte. Several months later we got an email from Stephanie and she said she wanted to propose and wanted us to photograph it! I couldn’t have been more excited! We have always wanted to document a real life proposal and this couldn’t have been a better one to witness!

Now, several months later we headed to DC for their gorgeous wedding day. It was cherry blossom time and everything was starting to bloom and was so pretty! They had their ceremony on the west lawn at Jefferson Memorial and their reception nearby at a fun and modern art gallery, The Fridge, which totally reminded us of our studio space!

Check out their beautiful day.

stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0001stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0002stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0003stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0004stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0005stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0006stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0007stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0008stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0009stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0011stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0012stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0013Jumping on the bed helps ease any wedding day jittersstephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0014stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0015stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0016stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0017stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0019stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0020stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0021stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0022stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0023stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0024stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0025stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0026stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0027stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0028stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0029stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0030stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0032stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0034stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0035stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0037stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0038First look time!stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0039stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0040stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0041stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0042stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0043stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0045stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0046stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0047It’s hard being a flower girl! Sweet Savvy fell asleep in the taxi ride over to the ceremony.
stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0048stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0050stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0049stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0051stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0052stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0053stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0054stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0055stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0056stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0057stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0058stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0059stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0060stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0061stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0062stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0064stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0065stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0066stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0067stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0068stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0069stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0070stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0071stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0073stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0074stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0075stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0076stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0077I am obsessed with this soft and gorgeous light in these pictures with the cherry blossoms!stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0078stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0079stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0080stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0081stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0082Savvy met a new friendstephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0083stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0084stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0085stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0086stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0087stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0088stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0089stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0090stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0091stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0092stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0093Stacy & Dan, we adore these two!stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0094stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0095stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0096stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0097stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0098stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0099stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0101stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0103stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0104stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0105stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0106stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0107stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0108stephanie & deanna | smitten & hooked photography_0109

This day was perfect and we were so happy to be there to document every moment of it!

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officiant | Rev. Deborah Altomonte
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Ana Babot Garcia - Stunning, gorgeous, stunning , gorgeous…….BEAUTIFUL!!!! You girls looked AMAZING! Awesome photographers!!!!!!

Jessica Bumgarner - These pictures are amazing!! Love the ones in front of hotel with the big chairs. You ladies looked beautiful and this definitely captured the essence of the whole weekend. Such an amazing time

Tiger - Wonderful photos!! So glad to be a part of the celebration!!

Krista Cooper - What a absolutely beautiful wedding! the photos have really captured the deep love that D & S have for one another. each moment was so rich was beauty and emotion. Fantastic job capturing a most important day :) Beautiful, Beautiful Beautiful!!! And of course both brides are stunning!

Regina Sechrest-Winebarger - Absolutely beautiful!!

Elizabeth McClure Gavlik - Beautiful photos! I love the story you told of Deanna and Steph

Jessica Lightner - You two look so happy and beautiful. I love how these pictures captured so many moments of true love and bliss.

Laura - Wow!! You both look so gorgeous, happy, and in love!! I so wish I could have been there to witness the magical moment!! So very happy for you both !!

LauraBeth Tommy Piper - Beautiful – breath taking and the first look and cherry blossom pics are my favorite….. Very emotional….

DJ TRooKLyN/Alana - Phenomenal photographer! Breathtaking photos! It takes true talent to be able to capture the depth of ones love…unless of course the love oozes from within and it can’t help but be felt. Congratulations on the beautiful beginning of the rest of your lives!!

Nikkiblueyes Morales-Rigo - absolutely gorgeous congrats to you both :) Much LOVE 2 U BOTH MUAH

Melissa Megahee - Such amazing pictures! You two look beautiful! The beginning of a lifetime-congratulations!

Jon Finez - Congrats and Amazing Pictures!!!!!

Abigail Booker - Gorgeous pics…Congrats on your union!

Sara Swierk - Congratulations! What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them with me!

Scott J Prater - OMG! Congrats from your ATG Partners in South Texas.

Jessica - You two look so beautiful and happy! I love the moments these pictures captured of tru love and happiness. Sorry we missed it! Love you both!

Lisa McMahon Bagley - WOW!!!!! You both are SO beautiful! These photos are absolutely amazing! What wonderful memories these will forever hold. Congratulations to you both! xoxo

Crystal Rodriguez - Beautiful Photos!! Congratulations, wishing you a lifetime of happiness. :)

Trina Stephenson - Beautiful pictures! What a day!

Kiedra Hinkle-Tyson - The photos are so pretty and the dresses are amazing!!!

Nicki Johnson Tillotson - Beautiful!! Awesome pictures!!

Maryann Maimo - Phenomenal! What a beautiful setting, the timing and lighting is stunning too! Steph, you’re gorgeous!! Love these pix :) and the cherry blossoms!! Ahhh!!

Schauri DeAunne - You both look amazing!! Everything looks amazing…wish I could have been there!

Leslie Bromberg - Gorgeous!

Brent Trick - You are the most beautiful lesbians I know. Best of luck to you both forever and a day.

Brian McCall - Wow Deanna – these are amazing pictures – I can’t believe you were so patient to take all of those pics. (: Good luck to you and your beautiful wife Stephanie as you start this amazing journey into marital bliss.

Timothy Hicks - You two look so beautiful and happy. The photos are terrific.

Jessica Kemper - Such a great job capturing the moment – LOVE YOU GUYS….and although it makes me sad that I couldn’t be there…you def made the right choice of photographer. The photos bring me there…and evoke so much emotion!!! Can’t wait to see you both in person soon!!!

John Valdez - WOW! Deanna and Stephanie…. what a beautiful day. Beautiful pictures to commemorate a beautiful step in your lives together. I loved every picture. Thank you for sharing this wonderful day.

Jenny Bohrer DuPont - What a wonderful job you did caputuring such a special time for these two lovely ladies. Beautiful time, work and couple!

amanda pagano - ummm… A: when are you submitting this all over every blog in the world, because I’ll submit the video with it!
2: you guys are amazeballs and uber talented!
D: What bride jumps up and down on a bed? hahaha!
…holy shiz!!! the “drink up bitches” hat made the blog!!! awesome!
E: Steven you stole my shot, but that’s ok because later I stole Lucy’s hahaa… and I love that the video will still look different! ;) (btw… jealous of your Deanna dress shot! wow!!!)
…love that you have a picture where you can see the crowd forming… that moment hit hard for me!
…glad you only got a pic of Savvy in the cab… I did not look that peaceful haha!
…I want to work with you guys all the time! seriously! love you guys! love your energy, your talent, and everything else! xoxo

Stephanie and Deanna… you two are the hottest brides ever! #justsayin

(I think I broke all rules and guidelines with how I should comment… oops)

Lacy Beatty - Love those dresses. everything is quite beautiful.

Thomas Muna - Amazing pictures! Congrats Deanna!!!!!

Xonia Milan - Beautiful ceremony, and beautiful pictures. God bless both of you with many years of happiness and love ♡

Tj Johnson - amazing shots of an amazing and beautiful couple!

aaron clarke - The photos do a great job of capturing how special, unique, and beautiful this day was…amazing !!!

Christine M Johnson - Amazing pictures of such an incredible day.

Jennifer Barger - The brides are incredibly gorgeous, the ceremony looked beautiful, and the flower girl…how cute!! I hope you two have a lifetime of happy times together. congrats!!!

Tatiana Sanders - Absolutely stunning!!!

Sarah Mayo - Those photographs are absolutely amazing! They really captured the love and the moment bringing out your personalities— creatively done. Stunning! Congrats D and Stephanie. xoxo

Ashley Blakemore - Wow! Simply beautiful. So happy for y’all. Loved every single picture.

Melanie De Armas-Peterman - Gorgeous Steph, absolutely stunning <3

Melissa - Absolutely beautiful pictures!! Their happiness and love for each other radiate from each shot. Great couple and great photography!

Lisa Jackson - You both look amazing! I am so excited that you found each other. You are a match made in heaven and absolute LOVE! Love you to pieces. Lisa

Mark - Deanna and Stephanie,

Thank you for sharing these photos with me. It’s truly wonderful to see how happy you are. Congratulations and best wishes!

Gail Little - Wow……

Lauren - These pictures are unbelievably beautiful!! You can totally see the joy, love and absolute bliss through these pictures and the gorgeous smiles on your faces. Congratulations and all the very best to you both!

Daniel Platts - Beautiful gitls and a beautiful wedding. Congrats and much happiness Steph and Deanna. Love those rings btw. Super awesome.

Holly Davila - Beautiful pics Deanna! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and Stephanie for a wonderful future together!

melissa Nicole - Wow amazing pictures i wish i had been there i wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness

Kristina - Absolutely stunning! Such a unique and incredibly beautiful event! Love these photos!

Ashley - Love love love the pictures!!! Beautiful! My favorite is Deanna with her mom behind her staring at her!

Erika - Probably the best wedding I have ever been to in my life, hands down worth ruining my stilettos at the Jefferson Memorial for. So much love the entire day, and so blessed to call these women family.

Melanie - Gorgeous Steph, absolutely stunning <3 The pictures are beautiful, best wishes to you and your mrs. xoxo

the shelor family | lifestyle shoot | charlotte, nc

I love spending time with awesome families and playing with sweet babies. It settles my urge for wanting more babies for us! ha

Sara and Lenny are such a fun family with sweet Ada James. I mean isn’t that a rockstar name? Sara and Lenny both work for Party Reflections, an awesome party rental company that we work with pretty much every weekend! We love working with them and so it was even more fun to hang out outside of wedding world and snap some fun pictures of their baby girl! We headed over to the Duke Mansion on a gorgeous Sunday morning and the light was perfection. The weather can be so different day to night so we lucked out and got a gorgeous sunny warm day.  So thrilled with their session and spending time with this sweet family!

the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0001the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0002the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0003the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0004the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0005Lenny is a total goober and prankster… I mean I couldn’t help but share his proud new family picture. hathe shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0006the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0007the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0008the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0009the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0010the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0011the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0012the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0013the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0014the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0015the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0016the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0017the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0018the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0019the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0020the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0021the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0022the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0023Ada James has those gorgeous baby blues!
the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0024the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0025the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0026the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0027the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0028the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0029the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0030the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0031the shelor family | smitten & hooked photography_0032We adore you guys so much Lenny & Sara and of course our sweet sweet Ada James!!

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Helen Apple - Oh this is so fantastic!! Great captures of such a wonderful family!

Karen Beaumont Thompson - So sweet!

Kathy Kelso - Oh this is awesome!!! My sweet amazing children.

Erica Wieck Stawick - Love them!! And love these pics! So sweet :)

Momma is 60 and fabulous

Ya’ll I am not a great secret keeper especially when it comes to being ridiculously excited about an awesome surprise! My mom turned 60 TODAY and we planned the most amazing surprise birthday party you could imagine for her! Jim, my stepdad and I planned this super special and swanky party with planner and friend extraordinaire, Ivy Robinson. It was so fun to be on the other side of the table and plan the party and enjoy it and not work! We got to hire a lot of my industry friends for the party and I have some really amazing and talented friends to say the least! Check out the pictures below as a sneak peek. We hired our friends Candice and Dan to shoot the party and I am so happy with how it all turned out and so excited to share more which you can find on their blog at the link on the bottom of this post!! I created a fun video for my mom with lots of video messages and pictures that I’m sharing later too..

This seriously was one of the best nights of my life! We had so much fun dancing the night away! My mom’s face was priceless when she walked in and saw us all there for her! 7 months in the making and it paid off!

The moment she saw us, I was completely a nervous wreck all day and weepy!

her reaction…the details were incredible, i mean absolutely incredible. it couldn’t have possibly been more beautiful!

All the food (including the cake) was gluten free. My mom is a big gluten free advocate and so we had the most amazing meal! The night was flawless and we had the time of our lives. To check out more from our awesome friends Candice and Daniel at The Beautiful Mess hit up their blog today!


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Beth Clark Parker - Gorgeous!!! She’s so blessed to have a great family!!!

Robin Goodson - love the pictures with you and your brothers…and Angie too :)

Elizabeth Russell - OMG that is ridiculously beautiful!

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