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britt and andrew {irish wedding part 1 | charlotte, nc}

There is an old saying that goes “if you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” I couldn’t agree more. Shooting weddings and special moments in peoples lives gives us so much fulfillment. Especially when, I would like to say, this would be my dream wedding:)Britt and Andrew had their wedding last weekend and it was beyond epic. There was so much goodness, we felt it totally necessary to break it up into two posts so we can share all the goodness! Andrew is from Ireland so duh, we had to post this on St. Paddy’s Day! They are in paradise on their honeymoon but we could hardly contain ourselves any longer to share!

Britt & Andrew are essentially our ideal couple. Super fun, laid back, modern and all around AWESOME people with AWESOME fun friends! We had the best time the whole day! They had Irish celtic dancers, a bag piper, hydrangeas galore, ghost chairs, black everywhere and a super gorgeous couple to photograph…I was in HEAVEN!!!

Here is part 1 of their day and even a sneak peek at the end of the decor that will post tomorrow with all the fun reception and photo booth goodness, you don’t want to miss it! Not to mention we have to tell you about all the awesome vendors that made this magic happen!

britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0041

britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0001britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0002britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0003britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0004britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0005How amazing is Britt’s custom jewelry from Kristin Hayes Jewelry?!?britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0006britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0007britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0008britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0009britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0011britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0012britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0013britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0015britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0016FYI. if you are ever in a jam and can’t get your dressed fastened….i got you:)britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0017britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0018britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0019britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0020britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0021britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0022britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0023britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0025britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0027britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0028britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0029britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0030britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0031britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0032britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0033britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0034britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0035britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0036britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0037britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0040britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0043britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0044britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0045britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0047britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0048britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0049britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0050britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0052britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0053britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0055britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0056britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0059britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0060britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0061britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0062I can’t even talk about how crazy GORGEOUS Britt is….HOLY COW!!britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0063britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0064britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0066britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0068britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0069britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0039britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0038britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0072britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0073britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0075Their little nieces are the precious! They were great flower girls!britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0078britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0079britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0080britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0081britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0082britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0084britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0085britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0086britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0077

Beautiful ceremony details

britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0087britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0088britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0089Love these detail shots we got right before Britt walked down the islebritt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0090britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0092britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0097

britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0098

Time to get married!britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0093britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0095britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0096britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0100britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0101britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0102britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0103britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0104britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0105britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0107britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0108britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0109britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0110britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0111britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0112britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0113britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0114britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0115britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0116britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0117britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0118britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0119britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0120britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0121britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0122britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0123a sneak peek  into their reception….some of the most gorgeous details ever will hit the blog tomorrow and all the irish antics, bullet booth and behind the scenes craziness!britt and andrew wedding | smitten & hooked_0124

See you back here tomorrow for part 2!

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Sarah Whitaker Wetherbee - Ahhhhh!!! Can’t even DEAL with how stunning everything is! Especially Britt :-) Can’t wait to see more!! Awesome job as always capturing a beautiful day!!

John Curry - Great pictures of a wonderful wedding.

Natasha Duff-Cole - Ahhhhhh so beautiful!!!!! Britt and Andrew look stunning and are the most beautiful couple! Lucy and Steven, INCREDIBLE photos. Cannot wait to see part 2 xo

Danii Carpenter - what an absolutely stunning couple, and a beautiful wedding!

Megan Gaertner - I love it!!!!

Elizabeth Russell - Stunning

baby sophie ann {lifestyle photography}

Nothing is more precious than watching your friends celebrate the happiest moments in their entire life. Case in point, Baby Sophie Ann. Erica is not only an amazing wedding planner that we work with but one of my best friends since college. Oh, the stories I could tell about our good times together but I will refrain because I know that she has more dirt on me than most! ha. Erica and her sweet hubby Steve welcomed Sophie in this world during the crazy snow storm that hit Charlotte in February. I was already committed to documenting another birth the same day so I stopped by the hospital the very next day to photograph Miss Sophie and her meeting big brother Charlie for the first time. His face and reactions were priceless!

baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0001baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0002baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0003baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0004baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0005baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0006I joked with Erica that this needs to be her birth announcement. ha I love it!baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0007baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0008baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0009baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0010baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0011baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0012baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0013This face melts your heart! Charlie is so precious!baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0014He wasn’t so sure about the baby when it was outside of momma’s bellybaby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0015and this basically sums up their first encounter:)baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0016baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0017baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0018then he spotted grandpa out of the corner of his eye and his eyes lit up!baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0019baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0020lets try to sit close and take a picture she said…nope not happenin’baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0021baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0022baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0023baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0024baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0025baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0026baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0027baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0028daddy’s little girlbaby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0029tiny little details that you forget so fast. i can’t fathom that i had children this size at one sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0030baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0031baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0033baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0034baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0035baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0036erica was seriously GLOWING! She looked so happy and beautiful!baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0037Remember the time I sang the whole Elmo song just so your kid would sit there and smile for a new family of 4 picture…okay, if you don’t remember, this is what that looked like.  It may have been borderline sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0038Every momma needs a sippy cup!baby sophie ann stawick | smitten & hooked_0039Congrats Erica and Steve and big brother Charlie! I couldn’t possibly be more excited that you brought a sweet little girl in this world! I am even more excited that our kids can grow up together and hopefully not get into any mischievous acts like we did:)

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the birth of camden | birth photography

Sometimes I take my job so lightly, like in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t a big deal. I love my job and it doesn’t feel like a job a lot of times and I have so much fun. But the reality of it is, we are documenting the most important moments of peoples lives and that is nothing to take lightly. 

Renee and I met when we were probably around 14 through pageants. We were the two girls who weren’t into all the gossip and crap of what other people were doing and we told it like it was…so instantly we became friends. Renee has been in my life as a friend ever since. We got to watch her fall in love with Scottie, then had the pleasure of documenting their wedding day last year (CHECK THAT OUT HERE). Not too long after their wedding she called me to tell me she was pregnant! I was over the moon excited!! I couldn’t believe Renee was having a baby and they were going to join us in this crazy adventure of being parents!

She asked me to be in the room and document her birth so of course I said absolutely! I only take on several births a year because it is so much emotionally and with our schedule, I just couldn’t do any more than that. Low and behold, you know she would go into labor on the day NC had the worst snow storm in history! ha. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I woke Steven up once I got the text at 6:20am that she was on the way to the hospital. She told me not to worry about coming because the roads were too bad and we live about 45 minutes away from CMC Matthews. I am way to hard headed to listen so I knew we had to atleast try; yep we drove there in our trusty ol’ Prius. I was determined to be there. Steven drove me and we took our kids over to our neighbors house (thank you Hammsters) and 2 hours later with lots of swearing and anxiety attacks, we arrived at the hospital.

It was a long day. 4.5 hours of pushing then being rushed back for a cesarean section. The day definitely didn’t go as planned but Renee was a trooper and fought it out!  Sweet Camden was born and was perfect then the thought about labor seemed to totally drift away.

It was an honor to document the arrival of Renee and Scottie’s sweet baby boy. You can watch the video here. The music is super special because it was played during their wedding ceremony.

(all birth videos I document are for ALL audiences and are not in anyway graphic)


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lauren and drew | wedding | charlotte, nc

Hello blog. I am Lucy. It has been a while so lets get reaquainted. Sorry, we disappeared. We had great plans to blog so many things because this time of year is generally our slow season but oh buddy….not this year! While I am completely overwhelmed and blessed it took us by surprise, so blogging and some other things got pushed aside just a little bit! We swear to get caught up now because we have so many incredible things to share with you and we can hardly wait any longer!

Speaking of awesome things….what about our first wedding of 2014?! what what! Yep, several weeks ago on a gorgeous day in February we had the honor of shooting sweet Lauren & Drew’s big day! I felt like we were bears coming out of hibernation and our creative juices were flowing and we literally couldn’t wait to get behind the lens again for a wedding! This day was so much fun and these two love birds were a blast! We are no stranger to the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte, we shoot there quite a bit and it is hands down one of our favorite locations in Charlotte for so many reasons! So, their day started out there getting ready and having fun with their friends and family. Across the street at Founders Hall was where their ceremony and reception was held! What an amazing space. It is huge with great architecture and so much space! Cortenay from Carolina Event Design was the planner and ya’ll she always knocks things out of the park! I knew we were in for a treat not only with the planning and organization of the day but the design details…she always give us the most beautiful things to photograph and of course this time didn’t disappoint! We loved the gold pallette they chose and the simplicity of it all, especially in a space that can be so large and overwhelming!

Even though Steven and I are paleo (no gluten, dairy or sugar) their dessert bar had me almost thinking otherwise. Seriously bacon on top of the cupcakes? what! Dear Lord! I didn’t give in to temptation, partly because everyone had already eaten the cupcakes by the time I had made my way back around:)The band….yea AMAZING! They kept the party going all night and even had Momma Lynn on the stage with her girlfriends breaking it down, seriously it was awesome!

We snuck outside to grab some romantic portraits of Lauren and Drew for a couple minutes. We wanted to do something a little different yet still encompass the city of Charlotte. Charlotte is known for the big gold disc at the center of Trade and Tryon. Everyone and their mother shoots there so we  try to avoid it since we want to be original and awesome, duh. This time however, we decided to make it our own, and see that disc differently. We shot them on it with some cool off camera lighting and I am thrilled with how it came out! You will see below but I am stoked!

The night ended with a glowstick exit that rocked our world. Lauren & Drew we are pumped to see you start your life together and we were honored to be a little part of that!

lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0001lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0002lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0003lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0004lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0005lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0006lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0007lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0008lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0009lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0010how priceless is this reaction from Lauren’s girlfriends seeing her in her dress for the first time?!?lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0011lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0012lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0013lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0014lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0015lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0016lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0017lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0018lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0019lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0020Lauren is beautiful inside and out and I loved capturing these portraits of her!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0021lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0022lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0023Steven always gets the most rad groom shots, seriously! I love the harsh dramatic light and how he used that to his advantage when capturing Drew getting ready!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0024lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0025lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0026I am little obsessed with the picture on the left of Lauren and her mom, Lynn! I mean they are adorable and Lynn is so sweet you want her to be your adopted mom, she is precious!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0027lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0028lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0029All the beautiful details of their ceremony upstairs at Founders Hall!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0030lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0033lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0031Drew and his boys. Lauren and Drew didn’t have bridesmaids and groomsmen but they had their friends by their side as ushers and big helpers throughout the day!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0032lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0034lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0035lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0037lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0036lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0038lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0039lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0040lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0041lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0042lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0043lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0044lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0045lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0046lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0047lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0048Love getting those moments right after the ceremony when everyone is super excited and can take a deep breath now that it is officially time to party!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0049lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0050lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0051lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0052This is the shot I was talking about earlier with the epic disc downtown Charlotte. I love how this shot came out oh and how perfect is Lauren’s veil for this shot?!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0053I couldn’t decide whether I liked the black and white or color image better, I think the color but hey I decided to show both:)lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0054Now we  moved the lighting around to the front to get some more classic style portraits of the two of them….it’s all about the options!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0056lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0058lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0059Here are those ridiculously amazing desserts that I was talking about earlier, I mean I am salivating writing this….Amy from Wow Factor Cakes seriously, you’re amazing!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0060lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0061See what I mean about the gorgeous architecture and space at Founders Hall!
lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0062lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0063lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0064Time to boogie friends!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0065lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0066lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0067lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0068lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0069lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0070lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0071lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0072lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0073lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0074What a cute favor idea….little mini bottles and gorgeous signage by Olive Paperlauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0075I love this ring shot Steven got of their bling…simple yet super prettylauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0076lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0077Yep this band was AMAZING, The Right to Party…check them outlauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0078Look, they got Momma Lynn on stage breaking it down! Loved this!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0079lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0080lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0081lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0082I spy, Steven….lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0083A great way to end the night!!lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0084lauren and drew wedding | smitten & hooked_0085{vendor love}
planner | Cortenay of Carolina Event Design
invitations and paper | Olive Paper
hair & makeup | Kymm of Who’s The Fairest
ceremony & reception venue | Founders Hall
getting ready hotel | The Ritz Carlton
rentals/chairs | Party Reflections
linen | Cloth Connection
floral | Wayne Freeman
ceremony musician | Tom Billotto
band | Right to Party
officiant | Dr. Jim Whitlow

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Margaret Watkins - Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures! What a beautiful wedding and even more beautiful bride! Best wishes for many happy years to Lauren and Drew!!!! Love Aunt Peg

judy - these photographs are amazing, just like Lauren and Drew!!!

Pam Watkins - Such a beautiful wedding and even more beautiful couple!! Awesome job on capturing such an incredible evening!

Jeff Theriault - What an incredible job!! You captured the best moments!!!

Tina Moore - What great pictures! They definitely capture the joy and the spirit of the evening. I especially love the photos taken with the disc…really beautiful.

Jocelin Poston Searles - Amazing!!! The pictures will be cherished forever!!

Alison Theriault Becker - An unbelievable evening… and the pictures to prove it!!! Wonderful job, Lucy & Steve!!!

Angela Van Every Johnston - Beautiful!!

Bill & Lori Becker - What a fabulous evening… so beautiful, so much fun, so awesome.

We could not be any prouder!

charlotte wedding magazine inspiration shoot and the personal story behind it all…

This past summer we were asked to photograph a gorgeous fiesta inspired shoot for Charlotte Wedding Magazine. We were so excited about the opportunity! We photographed another editorial for them the year before and it landed the cover and we jumped at the chance once again.

But there was only one catch…..I would be having spine surgery a couple days after the shoot, so needless to say I was in a tremendous amount of pain! I have mentioned it briefly before but yes, I had to have a spinal fusion over the summer because of a car accident I was involved in. My lower spine collapsed so they went in and put rods and screws in there to build it back up. The process wasn’t pleasant, in fact it sucked bad! I am a busy body and ended up on bed rest for almost 3 months, talk about going insane! Luckily we had scheduled the summer off to enjoy time with our family….God’s timing was VERY intentional!

We were so honored to be shooting and every single detail was gorgeous but the main thing I remember was hurting so bad I had to go to the bathroom several times to cry because I could hardly walk or stand. I had this hot back brace on and was sweating like crazy in the 100 degree heat! Steven would look over and see it in my face and would take over when I needed him to without me even saying a word. Gosh, he is my rock I don’t even know what I would have done without him through all of this!

So why am I explaining all of this back stuff? Well, here is WHY.

This past week we attended the BOW awards for Charlotte Wedding Magazine (BOW = Best of Weddings). We won the award for best engagement photographers in Charlotte (yay)! Our city is FULL of talented people so what an honor to have won that award! They also voted on the best editorial spread in the magazine for 2013 and guess what?? WE WON! Yes, our fiesta inspired shoot won the award so that is 2 BOW awards:)It was such a pleasant surprise!

Thinking back about the shoot and the pain I went through to shoot it and how many times I said I wanted to give up and there is no way I can do it…..well I did it, I didn’t give up and that feels really good. To be recognized for something that happened during such a tremendous struggle in our life felt incredible. It felt as if all our hard work paid off. Not that an award means you have succeeded by any means but you know what I mean. I am so glad I fought and didn’t give up and didn’t let anyone tell me “you can’t” because by God, YOU CAN!!!

Here are some of our favorite images from the shoot below and the link to the magazine at the bottom.


charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_001charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_002charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_003charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_004charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_005charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_006charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_007charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_008charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_010charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_011charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_013charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_015charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_016charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_017charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_019charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_021charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_022charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_023charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_024charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_025charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_026charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_027charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_028charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_029charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_030charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_031charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_032charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_033charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_034charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_035charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_036charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_037charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_038charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_039charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_040charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_041charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_042charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_043charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_044charlotte wedding magazine | smitten & hooked | charlotte, nc wedding photographers_045A HUGE thanks and congratulations to all the amazing vendors who participated with this shoot!! To see the magazine, click on this link:

wedding design | Ashley Cash of The Graceful Host
hair | Lindsay Pizzuti of Mirror Bomb Studios
makeup | Casey Nelson of Dollface Skin & Makeup Lounge
location | Brakefield at Riverwalk
cakes | WOW Factor Cakes
flowers | Lily’s Greenthumbs
stationary | Three Little Birds
desserts |Suarez Bakery
food | Something Classic
furniture and rentals | Party Reflections

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t w i t t e r
f a c e b o o k