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Mini Sessions coming to YOU….Details.

2014-Mini-Session-Smitten-+-HookedRegistration will go LIVE one week from today, on October 8th at 8am. Bookmark it, flag it and set your alarm because once they are sold out that’s it! This year is going to be amazing and I promise you don’t want to miss it!

PS. No early registration, nudges, texts, stalking or emails will reserve your spot….although we love you anyway, we have to make it fair ūüėČ

PSS. Special thanks to Debra Hall of Olive Paper for the marketing collateral for all of our mini sessions!!!

Lauren Poston Alexander - How do we sign up for the mini sessions?

randall - Noon today :) link will be posted

randall - Noon today :) link will be posted

randall - Noon today :) link will be posted

randall - Noon today :) link will be posted

Julia - I’m having trouble finding where the live sign up is located?

Jessica dunn - Please sign me up for a mini-session

jean Johnson - having trouble finding the sign up? blog or website

Robin Marie Hinderliter - Oh I want to do this so bad, but those dates don’t work for me.

Lisa Burger Foil - So how do we sign up? Need to check that weekend with Sydney.

kendra & sean {ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding}

The minute I met Kendra’s smiling face it was like a breath of fresh air. She is like a sister from another mister. We had an instant connection and I couldn’t wait for the day to shoot her amazing wedding.

It almost sounds like a dating show but when we meet people to shoot their wedding we kinda treat it that way. We know that the relationship with our client is hands down the most important thing to us! Steven and I both agree¬†that unless a¬†couple could be our friends and we want to hang out with them all the time and just love them then that is the only way¬†we can shoot their wedding! I know, I know, it might sound crazy but there has to be something there because more than anything we want them to be comfortable with us and have 100% confidence in us for their big day! So…with all that said, case in point….Kendra and Sean.¬†kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0001kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0002kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0003kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0004kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0005kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0006kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0007kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0008kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0009kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0010kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0011kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0013kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0014kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0015kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0016kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0017kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0018kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0019kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0020kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0021kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0022kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0023kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0024kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0025kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0026kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0027kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0028I love Kendra’s smile so so so so so muchkendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0029kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0030I am also completely obsessed with this flower framed backdrop Carolyn Shepard created for their ceremony!kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0031kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0032kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0033kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0034kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0035kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0036kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0037kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0038kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0039kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0040kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0043kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0041kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0042kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0044kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0045kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0046kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0047kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0048kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0049kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0051kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0052kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0053kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0055kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0056kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0057kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0058kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0059kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0060kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0061kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0062kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0063kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0064kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0065kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0066kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0067kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0069kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0070kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0071kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0072kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0073kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0074kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0075kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0076kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0077kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0078my favorite DJ, LeVar making the party happen!kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0079kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0080kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0081kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0082kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0083kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0084kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0085kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0086kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0087

kendra & sean  | the ritz carlton charlotte, nc wedding_0068

This wedding was an amazing night. So happy to be a part of it. Thank you so much Kendra and Sean for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

{vendor love}
venue | The Ritz Carlton Charlotte, NC
ceremony & bridal flowers | Carolyn Shepard
Cocktail Reception & Reception Flowers | Sterling Events
lighting design | Sterling Events
hair & makeup | Sweet Southern Glam РLisa Her
dj | LeVar at Split Second Sound
brides gown |¬†Cristiano Lucci via Jeanette’s Bridal
cake |  Bar Cocoa via The Ritz Carlton
officiant | Reverend Rebecca Nagy
ceremony musicians |  Charlotte Strings for Events
invitations |  Minted
photobooth |  Shutterbooth



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Kendra & Sean on film » Smitten and Hooked Blog - […] weeks ago we debuted Kendra and Sean’s gorgeous wedding held uptown at the Ritz in Charlotte {click here to check it out}. To say working with Kendra and Sean was like a dream come true would be an understatement, we […]

Kristina Battaglini - The photos are beautiful. I wish I could have been there to share that special day. Congratulations to you guys!! :)

Cindy Royce - Breathtaking! Kendra I don’t know how you will ever choose your favorites. All these pictures are truly remarkable and definitely capture yours and Sean’s spirit as well as your love! Thank you for sharing these!

Teri Leff - A beautiful wedding and such artistic photos! Love them all. The photographers caught so many of the Kendra and Sean’s happy looks and loving glances.

Mamaheet Franco - Every ltrle girl’s wish come true is captured in these photos – An exquisite bride.

Larry Glass - Lovely pictures to remember a lovely Day!

Sally - Great pictures! Congratulations to the newly weds!

Sandra Borden - Mike Battaglini and I enjoyed the entire weekend and felt the planning was exquisitely executed. The event demonstrated that Kendra and Sean can work (lovingly) together to achieve an over the top event. Best Wishes, Sandra

Sharanya Chandilya Rai - <3 <3 <3 love the pictures!!! Kendra Barnett Lyons you are glowing... congrats to you and Sean again!

Judy and Randy Jones - Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple on their amazing day!

Anonymous - Absolutely beautiful!

Genevieve Cruz - LOVE LOVE LOVE! The photos capture all the excitement and love. Especially love the shots of the happy couple around their gorgeous venue. KENDRA, you look SO beautiful and so photogenic! So lucky you & Sean have these amazing photos! :) :) :)

Prema Graper - Wow!! This was such an amazing day – to see it captured so beautifully is like reliving it! I know Kendra and Sean will treasure these photos forever!

Margi Shah - Absolutely amazing pictures for an amazing couple!…Congrats!

Karen Lyons - just beautiful! We Really enjoyed the wedding and can’t thank you enough for including us in your special day!

Desiree Oravec Toler - Absolutely GEORGOUS wedding pics! You can feel the love for each pic. Congrats Mr & Mrs Lyons :)

Anonymous - Amazing pictures, from an amazing day! Congrats again!

Angela Glass - Such beautiful pictures!!! They will always bring back fond memories of your special day.

Lynn Crothers - Amazing photos and photographers! They were laid back, informative and very professional…made everyone feel at ease. Thanks for the captured memories of one the best couples EVER!

Lauren Menton - Beautiful wedding pics of a terrific couple! I can feel the happiness of your amazing day! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lyons!

Nhi Goldberg - These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I guess it doesn’t hurt to have such a beautiful couple!

kelly babuscj - I love these pictures of the two of you!!!! You are such beautiful people inside and out and these captured the both of you and that wonderful day!!! Love you! Your photographers are the best!!

Stephanie Unger - I love all the pictures! It was a wonderful day and we were so blessed to share it with you. I am glad you have these beautiful pictures to help you remember this special day.

Kate Williamson - Love!!! You guys are a beautiful couple and your pics are just gorgeous!

Jason Alley - Beautiful photos. Each and every one captures the moment, the love, and passion we all have been blessed to experience throughout this wonderful event.

Kendra Barnett Lyons - Adore adore adore – first and foremost the two of you and then the wonderful memories you captured for us. We will be blessed with these little treasures forever and we’re so grateful for them and for getting the opportunity to meet you in the process. Xoxo

Anonymous - Unbelievable job Lucy and Steven!! It’s like I’m reliving the day as I sit here in this crumby conference room at work…lol. :) Absolutely love all of the photos and can’t wait to see all the images and video when they are available. You two are rock stars and Kendra and I could not be happier!! Thank you soo very much!

Sweetsouthernglam - Absolutely amazing wedding day love story!!!!!!

Kenneth Gurne - I could kick myself for missing it, but the photos sure do bring every emotional high as though I had been. Beautiful in every aspect.

cissiepitts - Absolutely the most beautiful couple ever.

Jim Battaglini - Outstanding photos that captured the true joy of priceless moments at the wedding and reception! A most memorable collection!!

Ian - Holy smokes … What a cute couple :). Wonderful times and now wonderful photos to etch some great pics in our minds!

Renee Lyons - Beautiful photos. Sean and Kendra will have many fond memories of their special day caught by Smitten & Hooked. Can’t wait to see more and recapture the wonderful day.

Nan Mueller - Breathtaking photos!

Richard Lyons - Beautiful photos capturing the highlights of a beautiful day. Kudos to all who participated in making this a most memorable occasion.

chi & justin {pittsboro, nc wedding}

Chi called me about 6 months ago to tell me she was getting married. She had been following our work for sometime and even though she was only having a very small wedding she wanted us there. To say we were flattered would be an understatement. Chi was pregnant with her second child and already has a sweet son Thomas who is 8 years old. I loved that during our phone convo we were able to talk about mom stuff and all the 3rd grade happenings since we have a daughter that same exact age.

We ensured Chi that just because it was a small wedding doesn’t mean we don’t want to shoot it! In fact SMALL WEDDINGS ARE OUR FAVORITE WEDDINGS! YES!!!! We love the small, intimate and private weddings. You know why?? Because it is ALWAYS just about the couple and their realness and relationship. I love that they trust us enough to come in their lives and document these private moments. I love that they really want to focus on beautiful portraits together as husband and wife. I love everything about a small wedding. As a side note, we custom price every small wedding and don’t follow our typical pricing structure for those.

Enjoy their beautiful day. I know we sure did.

chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0001chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0002chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0003chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0005chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0006chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0007chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0009chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0011chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0013chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0014chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0015chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0016chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0017chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0018chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0019chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0020chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0021chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0022chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0023chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0024chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0025chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0026chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0027chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0028chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0029chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0030chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0031chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0032chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0033chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0034chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0035chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0036chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0037chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0038chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0039chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0040chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0041chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0042chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0043chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0045chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0046chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0047chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0049chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0050chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0051chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0052chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0053chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0056chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0057chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0058After turned the corner for their romantic portraits there was the most beautiful light any photographer could have dreamed of!chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0059chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0060chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0062chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0063chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0064This image is intentionally out of focus and I am obsessed with it. We used a tilt shift but there was something so dreamy about this shot.chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0065chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0066chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0067chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0068chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0069chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0070chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0071chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0072chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0074Chi is so beautiful pregnantchi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0075chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0076chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0077chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0078chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0080chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0081chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0083chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0084chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0085chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0087chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0088chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0089chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0090chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0091chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0093chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0094chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0095chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0096chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0097chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0098chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0099chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0100chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0101So excited for Chi & Justin! We loved every moment of documenting your day! AND a HUGE congratulations to them as they welcomed a sweet baby boy into this world last week! We couldn’t be happier for you two!

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impromptu shoot {personal}

I have so many other things to blog right now with weddings and being FULLY in the middle of our busiest season of the year. But in the midst of all the craziness sometimes you need a break from it and need a breather. Case in point. My sweet sister in law called me the other day and told me about this gorgeous flower field so I said YES, we totally need to go and document our sweet babies! She has two of the most beautiful children I have ever laid eyes on. I might be biased but they are pretty incredible. Not only did we take them out there for some quick portraits but I was able to bribe my own kids for some quick pictures too.

I love these ages and these crazy times as hectic as it seems right now. I am so blessed to have amazing and healthy children and a great family.



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Kim Edwards - Hi Lucy I am Brett’s mom I am so glad to see you and your beautiful family I am trying to do photography on side what advice would you give me? Do you photoshop all your picture? Hope to hear from you.
Thank you

Gail Little - Love it! Love your talent and creativity, spontaneity, and your love of your job and life.

Tammy Thompson Byus - Simply Adorable ….

megan & robert {tybee island georgia wedding}

So excited to share this super fun wedding from Tybee Island Georgia several weeks ago! Megan and Bobby live in Chicago and we never met in person until we arrived in Georgia! I felt like I had known Megan for my whole life, we hugged and I couldn’t wait for this day they had worked so hard on! All the details Megan and Bobby meticulously did themselves and transported there all the way from Chicago!

megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0001megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0003megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0004megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0005megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0007megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0008Get it grandma!megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0009megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0010megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0011megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0012megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0013Even the dogs were excited for the wedding! Couldn’t contain their excitement!megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0014megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0015megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0049megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0016megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0017megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0019megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0020megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0021megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0022megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0023megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0025megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0026megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0028megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0029megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0030megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0031megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0032megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0033megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0034megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0035megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0036megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0037megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0038megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0039i am getting married today, but first, let me take a selfie:)megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0040megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0042megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0047megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0051megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0053megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0054megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0055megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0056megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0057megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0058megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0059megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0062megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0063megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0064megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0065megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0066megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0067megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0068megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0069megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0070megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0071megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0072megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0074megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0076megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0077megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0078megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0079megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0080megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0081megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0082
megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0084megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0085megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0089megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0090megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0091megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0092megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0093megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0094megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0095megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0096megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0097megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0098megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0099megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0100megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0101megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0102megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0103megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0106megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0107megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0118megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0119megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0120megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0109megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0110megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0111megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0112megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0113 copymegan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0114 copy

megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0115megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0116megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0117Wooohoooo, You’re officially married!! It was such an honor to document this day for you two!!

vendor love:

dj | All About You Entertainment
bride’s dress |¬†Wolsfelt’s Bridal
cake | Bakers Pride: Savannah Bakery
caterer | Paul Kennedy Catering
officiant |¬†Jack Boylston, “Tybee Jack”
ceremony musicians | Two Strings are better than one
invitations & printing | Announce This Design
flowers | Kato Floral Designs
hair & makeup | Beyond Beautiful By Heather
linens | BBJ Linens
mens suits | Vera Wang


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Sue Welch - Beautiful pictures

Pauline Desjardins - GEORGOUS

Cathy Van Every Gardner - You are so creative and talented.

Genine Gasca Gaertner - This Simply Beautiful

t w i t t e r
f a c e b o o k