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marice & robbie {engaged}

tomorrow is marice and robbie’s big day! we seriously cannot wait for the amazingness that will happen! We had to share their engagement session! It was right before summer when it was still just a tad bit cool but it was crazy windy and felt great! We explored throughout Charlotte and all around the airport. Both Marice and Robbie travel basically 24/7 for work so we thought the most appropriate place to start their session is at the airport….then we headed to the aviation museum which was really awesome too! check it out.

I had never been to the aviation museum but we toured all through it with Marice and Robbie and it was so neat! Not only was it a great little spot to shoot in but it is also somewhere I want to take our kids to learn all about the history of aviation!Happy Wedding Day tomorrow Marice and Robbie!!!


montana {personal vacation 2 of 2}

so today we finish the last post from montana. while we were there i did my sweet little niece’s 10 year old portraits and then we took my brother bill and his wife laura off to do an impromptu shoot…..we found a deer eating along the waywe cannot wait to go back to montana….


Jeannie Fry - Love it!

montana {personal vacation | post 1 of 2}

this was the most amazing trip in the world. my mom surprised our family with a trip to the dude ranch this summer. we had no idea what to expect other than awesomeness. steven and i both fell in love with montana; the landscapes, the nature and the current weather 🙂 I am sure if it were winter we wouldn’t have been near as excited about the weather. here are some wonderful moments from our vacation, a mix of our camera and camera phones….

and this is what pictures look like at the airport on your phone at 4:30am

we arrived!!

Cade our nephew is 2 and the whole time we were there he kept saying he wanted to ride the “howsey”a beautiful boat ride to end the first nightmimi & poppy
everything about montana is picturesque the following day we drove up to Glacier Park. It was about 45 minutes from where we stayed but the scenery didn’t even look real and yes we had to take a 15 passenger van to get there 🙂

the water is so clear you see the rocks at the bottomwe want to frame this image in our house as a sweet reminder of paradisewe made it to the top of Logan’s pass and had a picnic and did a little more sight seeinga panorama on the iphone from Logan’s Pass at Glacier Park

our sweet little familyhank, wendy and their kiddos (hank is my oldest brother)

back at the lodge we wrapped the day with a little fishingnap time for my sweet Cade…family pic time this shot below was at 10:30pm. not kiddingmy mom is cooler than yours. hahaellie doing a trail ride to eat breakfast on top of the mountain

all the girls at the top of the mountain for the breakfast

the girls got mermaid tails to swim in from mimi, they loved it!we were located right on flathead lake and the kids got to participate in water sports everydaylilly and her cousin Madi = BFF’sUncle Timmy trying to relive the wakeboarding daysmimi and poppy out for an afternoon canoe ridewe spotted an osprey in the tree…time for team roping night, time for the girls first rodeo experiencewhen we were walking back to the cabin after the rodeo night, we saw the most beautiful light ever peeking through the trees!steven and i got to go fly fishing the next day. neither one of us have ever fly fished but we had an awesome time! i ended up catching 4 and he blew me out of the water catching 9! we didn’t even take our camera that day…just the iphone’s

Billy & Laura went with us that day, it was awesome

the kids all week were trying to earn their “junior wrangler” badge so I would find my kids up at the barn all hours of the day sweeping and cleaning poop, which i find insane considering we can hardly get them to pick up their own socks at home!

ellie made a new bff at camp and she is from canada, they are official pen pals now. oh hottie hubs ran the horses to the steak fry that night. so much fun.the girls learning how to ropethis was the night of the mouse races…the kids actually bet $2 on which hole the mouse would climb into once they put it on the wheel. the kids were so intense about the mice, cheering for them to go in their hole they selected!basically this picture below shows the extreme intensity of the mouse races. haha.i laugh so hard looking at their serious faces!!!the next race was lining the mice up on the ropes and the one who made it all the way across first is the little winner. haha he is so cuteon the way back to the cabin, another beautiful night in montanatime to get your boots on and ready to dance, it was time for the barn dancing and the kids had a BLAST!The wrangler below’s name is Jerica. The whole week we feel like she looked like Ellie’s little twin! I am sure in 15 years I could see Ellie living her college summers at a dude ranch being a wrangler. She is my little cowgirl!mimi and my sweet lilly dancing the night away!the next night was the team penning event. Each team of 3 people was to gather the cattle at the other end of the arena and only pen one of them inside the cage. It sounds a whole lot easier than it was! Wendy, Barbara and Kelly’s team did awesome trying to get the steer in but it didn’t happen.Then Steven, Bill and Hank were SO close to getting a steer in the pen too but it slipped away at the last minute. Look at hottie hubs riding like a pro!yep, just another night in paradise. This pic was taken at almost 11pm. The light in this place is truly incredible!Ready for the kids rodeoEllie ready to compete in the kids rodeo riding Chica one of her favorite horses.
When she rides a horse her smile is always ear to earLilly riding the barrels and collecting the flags for the rodeoBoone my little buddy
Lilly was a roping pro!Daddy and his girls, a typical shot of them being silly before heading to the pool.tomorrow we will share two shoots we did in Montana.
everything about this vacation was so perfect, we cannot wait to go back!!


Kelley Ireland Parker - Awesome memories! Thanks to you both for always documenting & sharing!

Callie - I love everything about this post! I feel like I was there and now MUST go one day! Those mermaid fins would have made me the happiest girl when I was younger and I agree about the serious faces in the mouse photo – hilarious!

caroline & chris {wedding | charlotte, nc}

Caroline & Chris got all married and stuff. It was pretty awesome. It was actually a lot awesome. They are fun and quirky so we totally hit it off!! Without further adue here is their story.

how amazing are these beautiful flowers from Lily Greenthumb’si am so in love with Caroline’s shoessome first look goodness…..Obsessed with the bridesmaids dresses styled by Lindsey Regan Thornesome of the beautiful details.

um, this cake….amazingreading their ring inscriptions right after the ceremonyi love the light with this series of them it was oh so perfecthow awesome is this marquee? yea i want oneme + erica = mutual weirdness forever 🙂the band was so awesome! just snuck outside for a quick second to grab a shot…

This day was so perfect and we were thrilled to document all these sweet details!

{vendor love}
planner | erica stawick of ashley baber weddings
invitations and paper goods | Olive Paper
bridesmaids styling | Lindsey Regan Thorne
officiant | Peter Zeiler
location | Van Landingham
hair & makeup | Kymm & Elizabeth of Who’s The Fairest
band | The Dickens Band
flowers | Lily Greenthumb’s
ceremony music | Charlotte Strings
cake | Cake Lady Jill
RR | The Royal Rides







amanda & cory {e-session}

Hello friends! Happy hump day! Today we get to share Amanda & Cory’s engagement session! So fun! We are super excited about their wedding in September at the Ritz with Katrina from Come Together Events.
hair & makeup fabulousness by Lindsey Regan Thorne of Be Pretty

Hope your day is amazing friends! Stay tuned, we have lots more to be blogging, even our trip to the dude ranch in Montana from last week!


Tanja - This is an awesome series! 🙂

Dry Ink Designs - Love this shot around Charlotte.

Cheyenne Schultz - these are super fun, guys. 🙂

Katrina Hutchins (Come+Together Events) - So adorable–can not wait! xo

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