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chi & justin {pittsboro, nc wedding}

Chi called me about 6 months ago to tell me she was getting married. She had been following our work for sometime and even though she was only having a very small wedding she wanted us there. To say we were flattered would be an understatement. Chi was pregnant with her second child and already has a sweet son Thomas who is 8 years old. I loved that during our phone convo we were able to talk about mom stuff and all the 3rd grade happenings since we have a daughter that same exact age.

We ensured Chi that just because it was a small wedding doesn’t mean we don’t want to shoot it! In fact SMALL WEDDINGS ARE OUR FAVORITE WEDDINGS! YES!!!! We love the small, intimate and private weddings. You know why?? Because it is ALWAYS just about the couple and their realness and relationship. I love that they trust us enough to come in their lives and document these private moments. I love that they really want to focus on beautiful portraits together as husband and wife. I love everything about a small wedding. As a side note, we custom price every small wedding and don’t follow our typical pricing structure for those.

Enjoy their beautiful day. I know we sure did.

chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0001chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0002chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0003chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0005chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0006chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0007chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0009chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0011chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0013chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0014chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0015chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0016chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0017chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0018chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0019chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0020chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0021chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0022chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0023chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0024chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0025chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0026chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0027chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0028chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0029chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0030chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0031chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0032chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0033chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0034chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0035chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0036chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0037chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0038chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0039chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0040chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0041chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0042chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0043chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0045chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0046chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0047chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0049chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0050chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0051chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0052chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0053chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0056chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0057chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0058After turned the corner for their romantic portraits there was the most beautiful light any photographer could have dreamed of!chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0059chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0060chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0062chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0063chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0064This image is intentionally out of focus and I am obsessed with it. We used a tilt shift but there was something so dreamy about this shot.chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0065chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0066chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0067chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0068chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0069chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0070chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0071chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0072chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0074Chi is so beautiful pregnantchi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0075chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0076chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0077chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0078chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0080chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0081chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0083chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0084chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0085chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0087chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0088chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0089chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0090chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0091chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0093chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0094chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0095chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0096chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0097chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0098chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0099chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0100chi & justin wedding | pittsboro, nc_0101So excited for Chi & Justin! We loved every moment of documenting your day! AND a HUGE congratulations to them as they welcomed a sweet baby boy into this world last week! We couldn’t be happier for you two!

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impromptu shoot {personal}

I have so many other things to blog right now with weddings and being FULLY in the middle of our busiest season of the year. But in the midst of all the craziness sometimes you need a break from it and need a breather. Case in point. My sweet sister in law called me the other day and told me about this gorgeous flower field so I said YES, we totally need to go and document our sweet babies! She has two of the most beautiful children I have ever laid eyes on. I might be biased but they are pretty incredible. Not only did we take them out there for some quick portraits but I was able to bribe my own kids for some quick pictures too.

I love these ages and these crazy times as hectic as it seems right now. I am so blessed to have amazing and healthy children and a great family.



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Tammy Thompson Byus - Simply Adorable ….

megan & robert {tybee island georgia wedding}

So excited to share this super fun wedding from Tybee Island Georgia several weeks ago! Megan and Bobby live in Chicago and we never met in person until we arrived in Georgia! I felt like I had known Megan for my whole life, we hugged and I couldn’t wait for this day they had worked so hard on! All the details Megan and Bobby meticulously did themselves and transported there all the way from Chicago!

megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0001megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0003megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0004megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0005megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0007megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0008Get it grandma!megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0009megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0010megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0011megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0012megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0013Even the dogs were excited for the wedding! Couldn’t contain their excitement!megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0014megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0015megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0049megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0016megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0017megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0019megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0020megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0021megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0022megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0023megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0025megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0026megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0028megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0029megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0030megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0031megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0032megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0033megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0034megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0035megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0036megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0037megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0038megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0039i am getting married today, but first, let me take a selfie:)megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0040megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0042megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0047megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0051megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0053megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0054megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0055megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0056megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0057megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0058megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0059megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0062megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0063megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0064megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0065megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0066megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0067megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0068megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0069megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0070megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0071megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0072megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0074megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0076megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0077megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0078megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0079megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0080megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0081megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0082
megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0084megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0085megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0089megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0090megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0091megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0092megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0093megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0094megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0095megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0096megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0097megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0098megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0099megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0100megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0101megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0102megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0103megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0106megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0107megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0118megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0119megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0120megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0109megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0110megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0111megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0112megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0113 copymegan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0114 copy

megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0115megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0116megan & robert | tybee island, ga wedding_0117Wooohoooo, You’re officially married!! It was such an honor to document this day for you two!!

vendor love:

dj | All About You Entertainment
bride’s dress | Wolsfelt’s Bridal
cake | Bakers Pride: Savannah Bakery
caterer | Paul Kennedy Catering
officiant | Jack Boylston, “Tybee Jack”
ceremony musicians | Two Strings are better than one
invitations & printing | Announce This Design
flowers | Kato Floral Designs
hair & makeup | Beyond Beautiful By Heather
linens | BBJ Linens
mens suits | Vera Wang


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Cathy Van Every Gardner - You are so creative and talented.

Genine Gasca Gaertner - This Simply Beautiful

kat & joe {engagement session}

You know what I love? I love people who are kind, genuine, fun, real, humble and awesome. It’s true. If we could describe what we want our “ideal” client to be, those would be the words we would use. Looks, the size or location of your wedding….none of that matters to us. We want your marriage to be WAY more awesome than your wedding! Loving each other and being best friends is the way (in our humble opinion) is how that should start out…

Meet Kat & Joe. We love these two. They make us laugh, like belly laugh. The way they love each other and look at one another their passion is undeniable. They love to have fun and go fishing and be chill. They are both welders and incredible artist. We were going to try to incorporate some of the welding stuff in their engagement shoot but it didn’t work out that day. I am sure they might have some welding surprises for us in store in the decor of their wedding coming up in October!

Check out our chill day with these two awesome people.

kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0001kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0028kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0002kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0003kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0004kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0005kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0006kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0007kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0008kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0009kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0010kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0011kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0012kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0013kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0014kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0015kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0016kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0017kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0018kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0029kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0019Of course we had to incorporate Joe’s bike. Such a sweet ride!kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0020kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0021kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0022kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0023kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0024kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0025kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0026kat & jot | concord, nc engagement photography | smitten & hooked_0027

We can’t wait for their big day the first weekend in October!


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Cakespirations - These are fantastic!!!!

Angela Van Every Johnston - Love these images!!!!!!

Emma Apple - Awesome pictures! Thank you for capturing their love of each other and life!

Helen Apple - Aw! I totally teared up reading your post and then scrolling through this great shots of my little sis and her beau…my future bro :-) Thanks for capturing their sweet, genuine love!! You guys are a great match for them! xoxo

Charlotte Vale - LOVE these 2!! Awesome photos that really capture our friends…awesome job Smitten & Hooked!!

Tamara P. Scott - Kat & Joe, Wishing you both all the true love & happiness & blessings God’s great universe has to offer you both. You all make the cutest couple ever you all go together like peanut butter & jelly.LOL.

Tamara & Keith Scott

Chateau Greenoe {surprise video}

Why not end this supurb week with one of my favorite little projects lately?

One of our favorite vendors, Karen & George Greenoe of Lily Green Thumb’s contacted us a little while ago about coming up with a super fun pregnancy announcement! I was so excited about their pregnancy I was about to burst at the seams! They wanted to create a little video, which is something we have done a handful of times but don’t advertise we do a lot of….

George came up with the plot line which was completely genius!

So, when we shared the video on their blog, people thought they were just watching a video tour of their brand new home… wasn’t until the end that you see the surprise twist!

Chateau Greenoe from smittenandhooked on Vimeo.


Congrats to this amazing couple on their new journey in life! We couldn’t be more excited to have been involved in sharing the BIG news!!

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